UK Junior Book Awards handed out in Louisville

The UK Junior Book Awards, given by the Greater Louisville UK Alumni Club and UK Alumni Association, were handed out to 10 Louisville-area high school juniors during an awards ceremony April 30 in Holiday Hall at the Cabbage Patch Settlement House.

These awards are part of a larger Junior Book Awards program sponsored each spring by the UK Alumni Association and local alumni clubs across the country. The UK Alumni Association encourages clubs to work with local high schools or community groups to present awards to deserving high school students in their respective club areas.

The book awards ceremony with the Cabbage Patch Junior students builds on the already established partnership between the University of Kentucky and the Cabbage Patch Settlement House. This partnership represents the collaborative spirit of supporting deserving students in continuing their academic journeys.

The students receiving the award have demonstrated strong academic achievement, leadership skills, and potential for success, said Don Witt, assistant vice president for philanthropy in the UK Office of Philanthropy. Students were given a copy of “A New History of Kentucky,” by James C. Klotter and Craig Thompson Friend.

The awards were presented by Witt and Tanya Jones with the Greater Louisville UK Alumni Club.

Book award winners were:

  • Donisha Brown – Iroquois High School
  • Tojanae Boyd – Eastern High School
  • Talon Buchanan – Ballard High School
  • Cjhonita Carr – John Hardin High School
  • Cianna Morris – Eastern High School
  • Jajuan Myers – Western High School
  • Veronica Pottinger – Central High School
  • Ailleena Roberts – Butler Traditional High School
  • Artillious Worrall – Iroquois High School
  • Veronica Hayes – The Academy at Shawnee

Please enjoy the photos from Tuesday’s event.

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