Check out the WildCAPs of 2022!

We asked alumni and graduating seniors to send us photos of their decorated mortarboard and show off their WildCAP! THANK YOU to everyone that sent us pictures! Check out their creative designs below. Still want to send us pictures of your WildCAP? Post on social media using the hashtag ##UKWildCAP or email us at ukalumni@uky.edu.

Gabrielle Thompson

Class of 2022

Bachelor of Science, Human Health Sciences

It’s a tooth because I plan to go into the field of Dentistry!

Sydney Carter

Class of 2022

Bachelor of Science, Equine Science and Management

An homage to my hometown and my major – my digital design of the famous “Big Lex” painting.

Essence White

Class of 2022

Bachelor of Public Health

My late grandmother and I weeks before she passed.

Sophia Alatorre Sanchez

Class of 2022

Master of Social Work

Therapy inspired!

Hayley Washington

Class of 2019

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

My graduation cap is “Law and Order SVU” themed.

Kelly Rademacher

Class of 2022

Master of Forensic Toxicology and Analytical Genetics

“Masters Managed” from Harry Potter with the name of my degree and a cup of coffee. I worked at the Starbucks in Willy T. and survived on coffee.

Cheyenne Young

Class of 2022

Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences

“I hope this B.S. buys me cows,” with flowers, sparkly silver letters and a cow sticker.

Amanda Dick

Class of 2022

Master of Social Work

Flowers and jewels along with other things being “just the start.”

Jelena Price

Class of 2022

Bachelors of Arts, Health Society & Populations

UK and Wildcat bedazzled logos.

Katie Gaines

Class of 2022

Bachelor of Science, Human Health Sciences

Glittery gold background with “MD to be” in glittery black letters.

Carly Jessup

Class of 2022

Master of Science in Library Science

“Check Me Out” – Library Checkout Design

Christy Coffman

Class of 2018

Bachelor of Public Health

I am from a small town in northeast Tennessee. The mountains and country roads have always been close to my heart. I wanted to show that even though Lexington is my new home, the roads will always take me home. I used purple since it is my favorite color.

Sophie Meadors

Class of 2021

Bachelor of Arts, Journalism

It says, “What’s next?” in sparkly letters. This is a quote from my favorite show, “The West Wing.” The cast uses it to signify whenever they’re ready to move on.

Halle Shannon

Class of 2022

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering

Blue and white flowers with the words, “Thanks to my family and God.”

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