UK Alumni Association launching From the Blue podcast

Do you want to hear interesting stories about UK alumni and the paths their lives took after college? Do you want to hear some interesting behind-the-scenes stories you may not have heard before?

The University of Kentucky Alumni Association has launched a podcast, From the Blue, which features UK alumni interviewing their fellow UK alumni. Listeners will hear conversations between UK graduates that have journeyed through many walks of life after leaving campus. Guests will tell nostalgic stories about UK but with new and surprising perspectives.

“Our mission at the UK Alumni Association is to keep our alumni connected to UK and each other,” said UK Alumni Association Executive Director Jill Smith. “We are excited to meet alumni where they are and foster meaningful connections through this digital platform. We hope our alumni will learn something new, profound, entertaining or perhaps surprising from fellow alumni or an old friend on the From the Blue podcast.”

The first episode features former UK basketball player and philanthropist Jamal Mashburn in conversation with George Wright, UK Alumni Association Hall of Distinguished Alumni inductee and interim vice president for institutional diversity at UK.

Caroline Francis, Amanda Schagane & Marci Hicks From The Blue: The UK Alumni Association Podcast

It's hard to believe that 19 years ago, UK Alumni Career Services was just an idea. UK alumna Caroline Francis was tasked to create a valuable program for alumni to jumpstart careers, assist with career transitions, conduct resume reviews and share interview tips. She started part-time at just six hours per week and the program was never heavily marketed at the time. By word of mouth and successful experiences, meetings, counseling sessions and more, the UK Alumni Career Services team is now a sought after model for universities across the country. Caroline continues to lead UK Alumni Career Services along with Amanda Schagane, a fellow alumna, to never before seen heights and they still have dreams for the future. In this episode, colleague and fellow alumna Marci Hicks, talks with Caroline and Amanda about the history of UK Alumni Career Services and the plans they have to serve UK's 200,000 alumni. Here's a breakdown of what you will hear and links you'll want to check out along the way:Introducing Caroline Francis and Amanda Schagane of UK Alumni Career Services. (1:38)How UK Alumni Career Services began and where it is today. (3:16)A day in the life of a UK Alumni Career Services counselor. (7:18)Special programs you may have never known Alumni Career Services offers. (9:50)One of the most credentialed Alumni Career Services team in the nation. (12:30)Learn more about Job Club. (14:01)Pivoting in response to COVID-19. (16:05)Future plans for Alumni Career Services. (19:31)Leadership Week is April 26-29. (21:13)The Jane I. Morris Endowment Fund was created and how it supports Alumni Career Services. (22:10)Alumni Career Service is a benefit for all Active and Life Members. Join now! (25:26)Support Alumni Career Services on One Day for UK, the University of Kentucky’s day of giving on April 21. (28:08)
  1. Caroline Francis, Amanda Schagane & Marci Hicks
  2. Jamal Mashburn & George Wright
  3. Introducing From the Blue

Subscribe here or search for “UK Alumni Association” in your favorite podcast app to find the podcast. Follow us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Amazon Music to never miss an episode. For more information on the podcast, visit www.ukalumni.net/podcast.

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